PMQ Premium Soils

For a comprehensive range of premium soil products to best suit your needs, look no further. The team at PMQ Premium Soils are ready to assist you. They offer solid advice, and will arrange delivery. Bulk supplies and bag purchases are available.

PMQ Premium Products

Premium Garden Soil

• Nutrient rich mix
• pH balanced
• River sand
• Perfect for vegetable and herb gardens
• Great for plant growth

Lawn Top Dressing

  • Sand/compost prominent mix
  • Finely screened for easy absorption
  • Organic fertiliser for new growth

Turf Underlay

  • Heavy sandy loam mix prevents sinking
  • Minerals added to enhance take up
  • Compost nutrients infused

Native Mix

  • Comprised of composted fines
  • River sand
  • Base fertiliser
  • Can be used in containers or as a planting mix, and is suitable for native plants including Bottlebrush, Grevillias and Eucalypts

Potting Mix

  • Composted wood chip (15” Pine Bark)
  • Coarse sand, enriched for drainage
  • Compost (for best results we use the ‘hot’ method of composting so seeds and disease are managed)

Our team can deliver

Our team can deliver all over the Mid North Coast of NSW.

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